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Mr Tom Maule

BSc (Hons) HPC Reg PG Dip


Mr Thomas Maule works as a Podiatrist.

He is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists as well as the BUPA podiatry network, and is registered with HPC and all major healthcare providers. Click here for BUPA details

His extensive range of treatments includes steroid injection therapy for soft tissue disorders, including neuromas and heel pain and intra-articular injections for painful joint disorders.

Thomas Maule also specialises in minor soft tissue surgery, including toenail surgery (partial and total ablations) as well as biomechanical assessments for both adults and paediatrics and provision of orthoses.





Nail problems such as ingrown toenails can be corrected by either partial or total removal of the nail plate. This relatively painless procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic. For more detailed info please contact us. The procedure can be carried out at both of my clinics.


A new field of medical science dealing with the structure and function of the lower limb enables a podiatrist to diagnose and treat the underlying problems that are causing the symptoms.
Careful management of these problems can greatly reduce the symptoms, and help maintain the feet in a good condition for the future.
A bio mechanical assessment is carried out to identify problems this will normally require a 1 hour appointment session, and where appropriate the patient will be prescribed with orthoses as part of the management programme for any bio- mechanical problems.



Orthoses are devices designed and manufactured to the podiatrists prescription to meet the exact needs of the patients foot.

Most orthoses are now manufactured using the latest computer technology and undergo strict quality control provided they are used correctly they will provide the best possible help in the management of your foot problems.

The evidence for the use of orthoses in various foot conditions is growing and the benefits to the wearer are well documented. 

Orthoses may be used to treat many musculoskeletal issues.



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